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Gedeo Challenge: Complete!

Today we join millions around the globe to mark World Cancer Day.

This year’s theme is I Am and I Will, which is a call-to-action for personal commitment and represents the impact individual action taken now can have on the future.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce that we have reached our goal for the Gedeo Challenge! A special thank you goes out to Royal Coffee Inc who will match every penny of the $100,000 raised.

These gifts immediately went to work in the region with our first successful campaign and will go a long ways to ensure our ongoing success.

Thank you to everyone who donated! We can’t wait to share what happens next in Gedeo and beyond!

Gedeo $100,000 Challenge
THANK YOU: Royal Coffee, Inc


The Boston Fund
Boston Foundation
Royal Coffee NY
Mother Parkers
Red Diamond
Batdorf & Bronson
John Wettstein
The Annex
Jerry Baldwin
Coffee Enterprises
Paul Comey & Barbara de Lima
Mountanos Family Coffee
Stephen & Gail Sabol
Water Street
Dean’s Beans
Kimberly Walton Flag & Wire Coffee
Sally Cowal
Nancy Starr
Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters
Mr. West Cafe Bar
Chris Allieri
Kristin Russell
Pam Kahl
William Starr
Eliz Reno & William Starr
Rachel Molnar/JP Morgan EE Giving
Patrick M Kennedy
Alan Lane
Cheryl Gibson
Stephen Vehslage & Emily Starr
Lawrence Kane
Julia Ranney
Jordan Cayer
Rebecca Singer
Wendy Grider
Little Flower Coffee
Nathan’s Coffee Roasting
Arbuckle Coffee
Chelsea Harshaw

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